About us

Our main profile is printing images on textile fabrics either digitally or by screen printing technique. Our portfolio includes country flags, company flags, event flags and banners -as our main products- as well as the whole range of printed texile of any kind and purpose, just like pallet covers/dress, pennants, etc. which are prepared by digital or screen printing. We use top quality fabrics and inks produced partly in Hungary, partly in oher countries in Europe. We became one of the leading European flag manufacturer following to winning international and domestic tenders.


Deko-Print was founded in 1984 and started operation with Hungarian ownership and significant professional experience in the textile industry. Continuous development was rebound in the corporate form of business – changing from limited partnership to a limited liability company. As a key flag manufacturer, Deko-Print Ltd had been expanding towards the international market since 1990. We sell our products, flags and banners to most of the European countries. Our 3500 sqm production plant is located in Budakalasz, north of Budapest,  in direct neighbourhood of the city. In order to meet the market demand, innovation and development are of key role for us. Number of emloyees: 43.


We have 2 large screen printers – one of them is 24, the other is 30 M in length – with a capacity of printing up to 8-9 colours in width 153 cm and 200 cm and max. 540 cm repeating units. The technology, fabrics and other raw materials we use comply with the top quality requirements.

Our MIMAKI digital printers are partly for direct and partly for transfer sublimation printing and proove the well-known high quality of  MIMAKI.


Besides straight screen printing – also called Pantone Matching System (PMS) – we are capable to print Raster – in other words photo quality images, too. As far as Raster printing is concerned, it will be screen printing with 7 lpi latticework (7 dots/cm2) in 80 % of such jobs. At the same time, we are capable to increase resolution up to          11-12 lpi if necessary, however, this requires the matching quality of fabrics. Additionally, we have a textile processing capacity of 1.5 Million sqm a year and all that with outstanding quality and unique technical background in Hungary.

Major part of our production is printed textile sewn as flags and banners. In addition, we sell accessories to flags and banners, etc.